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How much do you charge?

We take into account a number of factors when agreeing how much to charge for example size and type venue, the number of guests you are expecting, the distance we have to travel and how long we will be at the venue are all taken into consideration. Call Ian on 07966 052564 or use the Contact page and we will call you!

How far Will You Travel?

The Session are based in Altrincham South Manchester and play most of our gig’s anywhere in the Northwest. We will consider further afield and the only way to find out is to give us a call!

Can you supply music before/after your sets?

Yes, we have music libraries on our gadgets with hours of music. This can be background or full on dance classics/rock blues – whatever you want! If you want to use your own play list we can plug you into the PA.

Can we use your PA system for speeches or music?

Yes of course. We need to sound check the levels and then the PA can be used for speeches/and music.

What are your technical requirements?

The band, PA and all needs as space that is a minimum of 5 metres x 3 meters. The venue needs to supply an adequate safety earth mains supply with 2 or more separate normal 13 amp sockets. Power for the band needs be local to the stage and not more than 5 meters distance.

What other requirements do you have?

If it’s a special occasion it helps if you can let us have some background so that Staff can engage with the audience!

How loud do you play?

We aim for a level reflecting the type of music we are playing and to get the audience involved. We don’t set out to blow the house down!

How do I book?

You can book The Session, by calling Ian on 07966 052564 or going to our Contact page, and filling in the simple enquiry form. Ian will call or email you back personally to answer your query.

How early do you need to setup before an event?

It takes about 1.5 hours to unload and setup and it helps if we can park near the entrance to the stage. We prefer to set up and sound check before your guests arrive where possible and will work with you to make the sure there is a minimum of disruption.

What time do you finish?

That’s up to you! The venue may have a curfew time and need to take this into account in your plans.

How long do you play for?

Again that up to you! To give you an idea we tend to play two 45 minute sessions with a short break and when the party is flying we keep going!

Are you insured?

Yes the band has public liability insurance of £2M. We can email evidence of cover to you or the venue if this is required (the venue will tell you).

Is your Equipment PAT Tested?

All our equipment is PAT tested and again we can supply evidence on request.